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Another Snohomish County Passport here running KMC Bully Rims nevertheless!

Last week I swapped my 245/65R17 Falken Wildpeak Trail with 245/70R17 Falken Wildpeak AT3W (P-XL Rated). Reason for switching was I wanted a more aggressive tire and gain 0.5" ground clearance as a bonus without trimming or rub.

I don't know if it is just me, but I like how the AT3W on the Passport much better.

I had put 1700 miles on the Trail tire before switching and have since added 600 miles on the AT3W. Being Seattle both tires have mostly seen wet pavement, dirt/gravel roads, snow & ice (in the mountain passes), dry roads not so much.

The Falken Trail had no noticeable road noise difference whatsoever from stock. Performed great in wet and snow/ice.

The AT3Ws depending on the road and speed can be significantly noticeable in road noise than the Trail tires. Some roads I would say it's much louder but tolerable, most roads it's just more noticeable growl. Deep snow performance is great and it does well in wet weather. Road feels a bit softer from having slightly more sidewall. Passport definitely seems like it needs more throttle, probably due to both the AT3Ws being 2lbs heavier and the thread pattern being more aggressive.

I would say the Trail feels like it handled deeper puddles on the highway better and was a little more grippier on some ice conditions than the AT3W. Deeper snow the AT3Ws shined and I'm sure it'll shine even more when I hit some muddier trails in the future.

If you're looking for a tire that does well in dirt/gravel roads/snow/ice and you are fine with the stock sizes, the Falken Wildpeak Trail is the way to go, it feels like a more rugged all season tire that stays quiet. Needing larger tires, more aggressive tread pattern for offroad/deeper snow (or just for show), go with the Falken Wildpeak AT3W. Protection should be the same for both as both are P rated with 2-ply sidewalls and 4 Ply rated. AT3Ws do offer the LT E rated tires if more protection is needed at the expense of significantly more weight and a less grippier compound as only P rated AT3Ws have a special silica compound similar to the Trail tire for better winter grip.

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Hopefully this shines some light for those looking between these 2 tires instead of ending up with both like I did.

Some statistic like 60% of Seattle Metro were not born in Washington State, it's definitely a diverse place where people come from all over. Just don't drive like a Californian here and you'll be fine.

East of the cascades might be a different story lol

these look great and I am looking at wildpeaks in this size and youre the only one ive seen with them. can you give any updates now on how you like them after more time?

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Went with these on my FWD. Just became available on Tire Rack recently. Widest Tread on the road I could find. These tires actually have rim protection built-in. Wider being a 275. Seem to ride fine so far in short drives. Taking about a 2 hour drive Tommorow across different highways so I will have a better idea of noise. General is owned by Continental and they offer a 45 day test run on these tires. If I am not happy, Tire Rack will cover shipping back to them as well as give you all of your money back if you purchase a replacement set of Generals or Continentals. Only out installation money if I dislike.

The odd thing is this is the only size available for this tire in the US. View attachment 12106
Any updates on these tires over the past months? Still like them? How is the ride and wear? do any towing? I am thinking of going with these as well on my 2019 PP just can't find much info from folks using them. - Thanks!!

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Here are my notes about ideal/safe tire sizes based on my own experience, friends' experience, and a few years of watching this thread. They've been in my notes app for a long time so I might as well share. I'm leaving out speedometer details and overall diameter because I don't feel they are terribly important. I also don't worry about load rating etc. These aren't super duty pickups friends, any tire in these sizes will have sufficient load ratings. This information reflects factory 55mm offset and 38mm aftermarket wheel offset based on what has appeared in this forum so far. Take it as a guide for mostly stock or close-to-stock offset. A deeper offset will almost guarantee rubbing in some scenarios so I as the author recommend sticking to OEM wheels and offset for best fitment of the largest tires. I've also left out some models of tires that I either would not recommend or dont have sufficient data to comment on. All in all most PP/Ridge tires one width oversized will give 29-31 inches depending on the tire design. In essence, we're getting "30s." Happy to edit and update if anyone wants to add.

Safest oversized AT tire size for stock 20s:
No rubbing reported, not many tests, though.

OEM Ridgeline 18 in size:

This size works great on any tire and is the same overall diameter as the stock 20s.

Safest oversized AT tire size for 18s:
No rubbing reported in any condition for any design of tire. The most popular size for the AT thread so far. Tested tires in this size include Nitto Terragrappler, Bridgestone Blizzak, Falken Wildpeak, and Continental Terrain Contact. It's an odd size with not many options out there. I personally run this size in both Blizzaks and Terragrappler in all conditions with no issues. It is my recommendation for most people who just want a bit more rubber. A winter tire in this size does produce a bit of flex in the sidewall for high speed corners at higher temps (above 45F), so be careful how hot you run your blizzaks.

Risky but potentially great oversize for 18s. Probably the biggest you'd want to run overall:
Some report rubbing some don't. Depends on tire design and conditions. Falken Wildpeak so far is known as the most problem free at this size. Continental Terrain Contact has some success stories but little data in adverse conditions. Note that even if there is no rubbing in basic tests, problems could arise with ice buildup, mud, and rocks. Going two sizes up does potentially introduce sidewall flex that can be unsettling for high speed highway driving.
have you ever come across someone running a 255/75/17 - or would there be massive rubbing?

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255/70r17 is probably the max. You will need an axle relocation kit from Traxda, at least 2 inch lift or you will need to cut the firewall and 2 inch lift.

I would not recommend going higher than 255/70 because the tire weight at that point will be too much for the suspension components and you will have premature wear on brakes, rotors, shocks, etc.

If you need 255/70R17, you bought the wrong car. Go trade your Passport for Jeep Wrangler.

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My Ridge Grapplers have been the first Nittos I've ever owned and so far I've been very pleased. They are smooth running and were nearly as quiet as the factory tires for the first 2k miles. Since then I have noticed a slight increase in road noise, but not to the point where I consider it a problem. I only noticed because I had the radio off for a bit of highway driving the other day and noticed that they are singing a bit more than when they were brand new. With the radio going, you'll never know you have such an aggressive tire under you.

I've now driven on and off road, in rain, light snow, sand, and some mud and the Ridge Grapplers have been excellent in all scenarios, I can highly recommend them. I'm hopeful that they will be a good fit in the factory rims because the Passport really does deserve an aggressive tire.
I too want the Nitto Ridge Grapplers on my Passport Elite. Apologies if you've shared this info before but what size tire and wheel did you opt for?
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