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Off-road Tires on Passport

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Someone please do a better job then me. I did a rough photoshop using paint to put on some 18s. Taken straight off of the 2016 Honda Pilot Baja Pre-Runner.

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Went with these on my FWD. Just became available on Tire Rack recently. Widest Tread on the road I could find. These tires actually have rim protection built-in. Wider being a 275. Seem to ride fine so far in short drives. Taking about a 2 hour drive Tommorow across different highways so I will have a better idea of noise. General is owned by Continental and they offer a 45 day test run on these tires. If I am not happy, Tire Rack will cover shipping back to them as well as give you all of your money back if you purchase a replacement set of Generals or Continentals. Only out installation money if I dislike.

The odd thing is this is the only size available for this tire in the US. View attachment 12106
Any updates on these tires over the past months? Still like them? How is the ride and wear? do any towing? I am thinking of going with these as well on my 2019 PP just can't find much info from folks using them. - Thanks!!
1 - 1 of 386 Posts
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