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I've decided to give something totally new a try: Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail. These are a "new" class of tire tailored to the crossover. Cooper has a similar tire that has been out a little longer but the Falken has slightly better specifications and is less expensive. I am not sure but these particular Falkens started shipping earlier in 2019 (spring/summer-ish).

The size is 255 /50 R20, which makes the tire a full 30 inches in diameter which is 0.6 inches bigger than the OEM size and 0.4 inches narrower (see calculator).
They are all-season trail tires, with an extreme weather rating for snow. Details found here.

I had hoped Tirerack would have done their full testing on this set but they haven't yet. The full truck variant of the tire does seem to test extremely well (way better than the OEM tire in all categories), and various online reviews have all said these are great tires. I got these through my local Discount Tire (they are a surprisingly awesome tire place despite the name).

I expect them to be noisier. I measured on the OEM tires 61db in the cabin cruising at 60 MPH. I'll be driving the same stretch of road next week and I'll measure the noise level again with the Falkens.

General use outside of pavement will be lite offroad on Colorado forestry roads and surrounding areas. I once had a full-on trail vehicle (a Toyota FJ Cruiser, lifted, armored, and with winches) that was fun but horrible to drive, and the PP is in no way a replacement but is a means as a regular dog(s) hauler and a weekend car camping vehicle. I think it will do well.

As for the OEM tires... it was a little embarrassing the other week we got ~20 inches of snow and I was nearly stuck pulling into a parking lot when a Subaru with trail tires zipped right around me with no issue 🙄

Maybe I'll post more photos later. It is supposed to snow this weekend so I may have an idea of the snow performance compared to the OEM soon too.

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