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Yakima Rail Bar system

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Looking for cross bars to throw skis up on top of the PP. Saw this set of cross bars. Says it'll work. I like the looks. Am I missing anything? Besides the ski rack itself. Where can I get these cheaper?


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The Yakima and Thule stuff is nice, but super expensive. I recently just went through this decision with my wife's new Subaru forester. We looked at the yakima rail bar system and really liked it. If we were looking to put something on more or less permanently, we would have used the yakima rail bar. BUT... we wanted something that we could easily install and remove for kayak carriers. After a bunch of looking and multiple trips to multiple REI's, we decided that the rail bar system would be difficult to remove with the kayak carriers installed.

We ended up using the Thule rapid crossroad feet and aero bars. The feet have a robust rubberized metal strap that wraps around the roof rails and ratchets down. Pretty solid and kind of easy to install and remove. Not super easy, but kind of easy.

That doesn't really answer your question, though. For some other options, consider:

-Honda OEM crossbars
-rack systems from RackWarehouse
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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