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Yakima Offgrid basket pics

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Finally mounted it, as don’t have a Passport road trip scheduled for a while so took the cargo box off. This is the Medium size, 40x44.

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I can only go in and out with the Yakima off grid roof basket, but not with the Thule cargo box unfortunately.
My cargo box is 16” high per the official specs.

I found this out the hard way actually… the first time mounting it I pulled into the garage, put my cargo box on top, and then realized I wasn’t backing out without causing catastrophic damage, so I took it off, backed out, then put it on again.

When not in use…
I mount the cargo box vertically against the wall of my garage, hooked onto a horizontally mounted pole. To mount it, I grab it off the wall (so the top of the cargo box is facing toward me), walk it over to the Passport, set it down on it’s back still standing up, with the bottom facing toward the front of the car.
Then the hard part, I stand on the other side of the cargo box facing the bottom, I grab it like a big bear, lift it up over my head, step right toward the car and hook the first set of hooks onto the crossbars.
Then I slide the box over on the rails and hook the second set of hooks onto the crossbar.

It takes some gymnastics, and if it were any heavier or I were any shorter (5’7”) I couldn’t do it myself without help.
If my garage was taller I’d definitely do the overhead ceiling mount and just drop it on as you suggest, but alas, my garage was built by leprechauns.
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