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Will tailgate open with dead battery?

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I'm wondering if the tailgate will open if the battery is dead. I know there's a way to manually open it but wondering if that works with a dead battery.
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The Elite model tailgate is completely electric, we found out the hard way when the battery went dead. Our jumper cables were in the nifty little compartment at the back of the vehicle. Fortunately, someone else had jumper cables. Not sure how it went dead, it sat for about four hours, the dealer says the battery was good, maybe we left it in Accessory mode? We now keep the cables under the front passenger seat.
This is why I asked in the first place. I have a portable jump start unit that I placed in the rear under floor storage area then I thought if my battery was dead I'd need to use it, but how would I open the tailgate to get it. I need to find a better place to store it.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts