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Why is my non-heated leather-wrapped steering wheel different?

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I noticed that my leather-wrapped steering wheel in my 2021 EX-L looks different than other leather-wrapped steering wheels, mine doesn't have the perforated dotted texture on the sides as shown in the comparison below. And both are non-heated versions of the steering wheel. Does anybody know why?

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I realized the same thing today. My 2021 Elite has the perforation and my 2021 Touring does not. I'm guessing the perforated heated wheels come standard on the Elite. Even with a heated wheel upgrade, the touring trim and below will still have a non perforated wheel. I also noticed the perforated wheel on my elite is softer and smoother.
My 2020 EX-L has the perfs and it’s not heated.
So much for my guess:) Now I'm guessing it's a cost savings for Honda.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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