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You Number 1 reason for buying a 2019 Passport

  • 5 passenger

  • I-Vec V-6

  • Price

  • Mid-size SUV

  • Improved off-road capability

  • Geared transmission “ZF-9”

  • Retro SUV appearance

  • Other

Why a Passport poll

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Hello guys, its time for another “Goofy” Poll, I figured if everyone picked 3 choices that maybe a common denominator would come floating to the top.
Make your top 3 choices, if you pick “other “as 1 of your choices, please post your thoughts
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My top 3 are:

- Cargo area capacity/flexibility with fold flat seats and hidden area
- Updated safety features (Honda Sensing) and modern infotainment features
- Improved off-road capability

My frame of reference is my CR-V. I really only considered the Passport, Pilot, and Odyssey
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V6 engine
Ride quality, quiet interior
Honda sensing features

I had a 2017 Ridgeline a couple of vehicles ago, so it's nice to be back in a Honda.
Sporty appearance vs van like appearance of Pilot
Upgraded audio system
V6 engine power
More cargo and passenger room
Higher driving position (from SWMBO)

These are compared to the 17 CRV we had.
I have a Luner Silver Touring...

My top 3:

Mid-size with good storage
Improved off road capability
Looks like and suv not a van

I came from a ‘17 Pilot and have not looked back!
I made my choices because I had owned a 2017 CRV Touring, with a little engine and a CVT transmission. I wanted better heat, missed the low end torque, it was a bit small for me, which I could of over come.
So with that said, my choices was Retro SUV, v-6 & geared tranny ?
Sporty appearance vs van like appearance of Pilot
Upgraded audio system
Yes, the upgraded audio system is another reason I selected the Touring model anong the many other features of the Touring. The audio system sounds great.
Always wanted something a little smaller than the Pilot - didn’t need their row seat (I’ve had 3) but didn’t want the smaller engine in CVR. I traded in my 16 Pilot and I am happy with my decision. Granted it’s only 6” shorter than the Pilot but it feels smaller than that when driving and parking. It is sporter looking than Pilot which I like as well. I wanted to stay with Honda for resale value and hopefully reliability. Really like the Grand Cherokee, but I had one in the past and had lots of engine problems so it’s hard to want to get another just for the looks. I Like that you sit up higher, great sound system in Touring and the Honda Sensing safety features, although it takes some getting accustomed to the all the warnings:). So far it’s been a good purchase!
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Looking at the Poll, the V-6 & Mid-size SUV is polling “neck to neck”!
And the price hasn’t gotten any votes.
I would of thought that the “Retro SUV appearance” would of done better.
It’s great to see what everybody thinks ?
I can't vote because I do not have one yet. For me it would be midsize and retro appearance.
Why a Poll?

Why a Duck?
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