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White residue on hood

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Noticed white residue on underside of hood. When hood is up it is near bottom adjacent to windshield wipers. It's hard and tough to remove. Doesn't want to come off. Anyone have any similar issues or ideas on what it might be. Obviously it's been there since I took possession


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Maybe the lil woman can scrub it off while you chug beer and watch wrestling(kidding):p
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Or you can try Liquid clay or mild polish to buff it out? If that doesn’t work it might need a DA polisher with compound . If you don’t have one I would ask the dealer to do so since it was there when new?
Sorry, my hood is white-stuff free, especially now that it is completely covered in mylar. From the picture, it alomost looks like the Spray "Flocking" for Christmas trees...
Was it ever detailed? It could be some polishing compound that got flung under the hood when it was getting shined up. Try softening it up with some hot water.
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Just the tears of a curious CR-V owner.
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