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When will they announce the 2020 Passport? Wondering when to buy..

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I'm new to this forum. I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

I've been looking at buying a Passport and I'm wondering if anyone has any idea of when they will announce the 2020 models. I know the Passport has not been selling well so my suspicion is that there will be some incentives in Aug (or Sept) to start moving the 2019 Passports. What are your thoughts?

I love the Passport but it does seem a little overpriced. Also, the interest rate for financing also seems high (4.49% at 54, 60 or 72 months // 5.24% for 82 months)

This is the build I'm interested in buying :

Exterior : White Diamond Pearl
Accessories :
  • Utility Package
  • Door Visor
  • Hood Edge Deflector
  • Rear Bumper Applique
  • Wheel Locks Black
  • Body Side Molding
  • Moonroof Visor
  • Protection Package
  • Door Edge Guards
  • Illuminated Door Sill Trim
  • Warranty : 5 Year/100,000 km
The Honda website price is $65,615. One dealer gave me a quote for $63,846. I'd like to pay around $58,500. Am I being unrealistic? How much did you get off sticker price? Remember, I have a lot of accessories and they will also make money on financing.

How many of you paid for your Passport outright? or did you finance? Do you feel it's overpriced or is it fair value for what you get? I do love it. It's a great little vehicle with the accessories. To me, the white with all the black accessories really makes it shine and look unique.


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Hello Gio and Welcome!

There is a "Price Paid" thread, you may want to check that (if you have not). Being in the US, I can't be much help on Canadian Sales or comparing it to other vehicles for sale in Canada. I bought my car over 3 months ago and there were very few discounts, to be had, but a $5k discount sounds like it might be hard to find.

However, in the US, the 2019 Toyota RAV4 Adventure is about the same as a 2019 Passport Touring model, making the Passport a hugely better value! Also, I just checked loan rates at my Credit Union and a new car loan was at 2.5% with another 1/4% refunded on the final payment if you do auto bill pay!

The Passport was released around Feb 4th, if I recall correctly, so they will probably stop making 2019's by August/September, then start up with the 2019's around October/November. The VERY best time to buy a 2019 is when the 2020's are already on the lot, we did this with my wife's Lexus and saved $7k off of MSRP! And if they are selling slowly, dealers may still have some 2019's when the 2020's are delivered..

Good luck...
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Thank-you Steven.

I appreciate your input. I agree. I think I'll have to wait until the 2020's are here to have a chance at a $5K discount. Not sure if I can wait that long. I've held off on buying a vehicle for years so I'm feeling a little antsy. I can wait a few more weeks but not sure if I want to wait months. To be honest, once the 2020's are out, I'll probably want one of those. Who knows, maybe Honda will add a new feature like a real panoramic moonroof and/or a 360 camera. Wouldn't that be nice....those are two features I feel are sorely lacking.
I'm guessing they will also add an electronic parking brake...
I personally prefer the manual parking brake! I’m always afraid one day my electronic parking brake in my 17 civic ex-t is going to malfunction and be stuck in the on position.. :oops:
I'm guessing they will also add an electronic parking brake...
I sure hope so. I was shocked when I saw the parking brake, which was the same 'technology' as the 1965 American Rambler convertible I once had. Very odd choice. It doesn't scream "modern."
I owned a 2018 Chevy Equinox Premier with the panoramic moonroof. That didn't matter to me since the last few of my vehicles have had moonroofs which I rarely open. The Equinox had a 360 degree overhead camera which I miss a lot. It also had the electronic parking brake which I also worried about it malfunctioning. Overall I owned the Equinox for less than a year. After the first 4 months, I realized what a POS it was. I took my loss on it and traded in for a Passport. I'd like to see future model year Passports have the overhead camera view.
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