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Wheel Pops, Headlights, and Forward Collision Warning, Low Battery Warning

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Hello all! I am currently at the dealership, dropping my 2020 PP Elite (1500 Miles) off for the following four concerns.

1. Drivers Side Headlight Condensation- (Water pooling inside headlight). Dealership took my word for it, ordered the part and is replacing it no questions asked.
2.Popping sound in front wheels- Common problem I have read on here. Dealer will inspect and try to replicate
3. Forward Collision warning going off on two lane roads- Another common issue i've read about on here, dealer is going to recalibrate my sensors. Not sure if this will work but may as well have them give it a shot.
4. Low Battery warning- I have gotten this twice in 1500 miles. Seems no reason for it to have gone off as both times I was in the act of driving.

My dealership Valley Honda in Aurora Il. is incredible on both sales and service. I have owned 7 hondas purchased from here and expect them to go above and beyond to handle these concerns. I will keep this updated with their responses and actions.
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Congratulation! Re: item 2 - You are a member of the clunk club!

Search here for “clunk”. People have had their entire front end suspension replaced and still had the clunk! Personally, I went April 2019-February 2020 with it. Dealer couldn’t duplicate it and didn’t care. I have been going to a father and son Honda/Acura specialist since 2001 for service and repairs on most of my Honda’s, in February this year they did the first minor service at 6500 miles, tightened a few things up and I’ve never heard it again.

item #4, I’ve had low battery alerts since taking my Passport home, the first week the dealer said they replaced it. Stupid me didn’t put a mark on the battery to see if was actually replaced. Since then, I continue to get a low battery every few weeks. It’s been tested at two separate dealers and my Honda shop, it has tested strong always! I’ve contacted Honda and the dealer to test it at my garage when I’ve gone out and get the alert before starting it and bringing it to them again. I called both about 6 times in three days the last time I got the alert and they never cared. I eventually had to drive somewhere, so I quit caring and figure if it dies, they will have to pay for road side service or tow it!
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