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Wheel Pops, Headlights, and Forward Collision Warning, Low Battery Warning

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Hello all! I am currently at the dealership, dropping my 2020 PP Elite (1500 Miles) off for the following four concerns.

1. Drivers Side Headlight Condensation- (Water pooling inside headlight). Dealership took my word for it, ordered the part and is replacing it no questions asked.
2.Popping sound in front wheels- Common problem I have read on here. Dealer will inspect and try to replicate
3. Forward Collision warning going off on two lane roads- Another common issue i've read about on here, dealer is going to recalibrate my sensors. Not sure if this will work but may as well have them give it a shot.
4. Low Battery warning- I have gotten this twice in 1500 miles. Seems no reason for it to have gone off as both times I was in the act of driving.

My dealership Valley Honda in Aurora Il. is incredible on both sales and service. I have owned 7 hondas purchased from here and expect them to go above and beyond to handle these concerns. I will keep this updated with their responses and actions.
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They need to do something about the forward collision warning system. Mine goes off all the time, so I have to disable when I get in. I’m not near any cars and its flashing brake all the time and once it did brake around a corner. I was going slow and a car was coming and we never got close to each other. Just plain awful. I traded in a 2018 VW Tiguan that was junk but the forward collision worked flawlessly. The only thing that didn’t break.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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