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So it's been just over a month of ownership on my 2021 EX-L PWP Passport and I felt like I've done a ton of stuff thanks to this forum!
I'm coming from a 2007 Honda Fit Sport MT (13 years ownership) (and briefly a RAV4). Owned 3x Integras before the Fit as well. Over the years of car ownership I've always enjoyed some DIY modding. More recently I've been practicing some small vinyl projects thanks to the Rear bumper applique I had installed, then proceeded to do some other smoked areas on the car. I've posted a couple of things regarding my thoughts on some various installs and linked them in the post. If anyone has questions feel free to ask! Forum has been a huge help regarding DIY, info, details, and just answering some questions I had. Thanks for posting pics and sharing knowledge especially @XBOX @PNWGarageDad @stevenD @storm303 @Sebastian Castano @WCPort @MinhQP @pshadoa @jdjonesiii sorry if I missed any other special helpers!

Exterior Mods:

Ceramic window tint (15% front); getting rest of windows Ceramic tinted Friday to block out more FL UV/heat thinking 30%-50% on top of the privacy glass
OEM Gloss Black rear H and Passport emblems (post link with pics)
Tinted front Honda H 20% vvivid vinyl
Rear bumper applique
Front/rear amber LED turn signals
light smoke rear turn signal area
dark smoke front turn signal
LED highbeams
Splash guards/mudflaps
Rear door checkers for wider opening rear doors - helps a ton with the little ones hopping in and out; just have to be extra careful not to ding the garage walls or another car

Interior mods:

Viofo A129 Plus Dual - Front 1400p, rear 1080P hardwired for parking mode ( ) hope to post some sample F/R video soon
complete LED interior replacement
Infinity Reference 6532EX door speakers (Thread link with pics)
center consoler organizer
OEM All weather mats
OEM Cargo mat
Auto Start Stop disable (post link with pics)
Wireless charging mat ( )

Gloss black roof rails
Running boards - young kids complaining about difficulty climbing in haha; had bought some from here but...UPS lost the boards in the mail wtf
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