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Weird head unit behavior

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Hello everyone!

I recently purchased a 2023 Passport Trailsport. My previous car was a 2013 Pilot. I love the Passport and had to think really hard about not having that 3rd row. But with the kids getting older, it wasn't really a necessity anymore. I wanted to reach out about the behavior my head unit is presenting. I did search the forum and didn't really find anything similar.

Every time I leave the house or arrive at the house the radio goes silent and there is a "talking" prompt on the dashboard. The car isn't actually listening nor responds if I speak. If I am listening to SiriusXM, the music cuts out. If I am playing Apple CarPlay, the music turns into mono sounding, like AM radio.

This occurs when I pull into my development a few hundred feet from the house. Likewise, it occurs when I leave and am a few hundred feet away from the house. In both scenarios the radio returns to normal after about 30 seconds. Then is fine for the rest of my journey.

I am an IT guy by trade so my understanding is a little deeper than an average person. My theory is that it has something to do with my wifi network. Both leaving the network and rejoining the network. However, I have tried this without my phone or the car being connected to my home's wifi network. I have also tried not plugging in my phone (iphone 12) to the car. Nothing in the car's setting is attached to my home's wifi.

Any thoughts or theories are appreciated.
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Try it with your phone fully turned off...
Could it be related the wiring harness TSBs? I think I have hit that in the first 24 hours...:cry:
Following. Was the IT guy years ago. Interesting. Interference? Sounds very location specific. Never happened anywhere else? Agree with stevenD. Rule out the phone. Off or better yet out of Bluetooth range. Are you in view of a camera like a Ring or whatever the Apple version is called?
I'd suspect RF interference. Is there a big phony-looking cellphone tower "tree" near where you experience the problem?
Ok. More troubleshooting performed. It does only happen when the phone is plugged in. Unplugged the issue does not present itself.
But I am struggling to understand why SirusXM would go out when I connect/disconnect from home wifi? Why does the car think I am speaking input but is not actually listening? This only happens when I leave and come back to my neighborhood for about 30 seconds each time.

I can understand when I am listening via CarPlay that there could be a handoff on network. I just don’t know why the other inputs would be affected?
Try it plugged in, but with a different phone. I wonder if the issue is specific to your phone and the car is responding to whatever your phone is trying to do.
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