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Weight Distribution Hitch- I say yes, husband says no

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Hi everyone. This is my first post but I follow often as there seem to be some knowledgeable folks with helpful advice and I'm hoping someone can help resolve the issue of needing a WDH for our 2020 Honda Passport AWD EX-L and our 23' travel trailer. We've never had a camper before so there isn't any prior experience to compare as to whether the handling and driving we've done thus far can be better. We've only traveled 4 times to local campgrounds, but we're wanting to do a long distance trip from our home in Indiana to western South Dakota next month. Of course going that far, over 1,000 miles each way, we want to be as best prepared as possible. I will say the PP sags when hitched and it struggles to get up to 55 mph as it is.

Our Honda's curb weight with full gas tank and fluids topped off, is 4300#. The GVWR listed is 5291.

The TT weight with everything we need (which we keep full time in the camper & no other items or supplies are ever added, unless depleted) is 3700#. That weight was taken from a CAT scale and includes the hitch weight. There's one full propane tank and the battery also on the hitch. The tag on the travel trailer shows GVWR as 4770.

Honda indicates the max total trailer weight as 5000# with the ATF cooler installed, which ours has. The tongue load is listed as 500# in the owner's manual.

The only weights not included in any of the figures mentioned are my husband and myself (390#), 2 dogs (35-40# total), dog food/supplies, our clothes/shoes & toiletries. Guessing weight of all that would be approximately 150#. Adding an additional 580# to the PP for a total of 4880, which I believe still keeps up within safe range of the vehicle's GVWR.

Driving through the Great Plains several times previously, I know the crosswinds can get pretty strong. If I'm understanding correctly, a WDH with sway bars could help minimize trailer sway.

The added cost isn't cheap and we'd be installing it ourselves, but to me the price for safety is worth it, no?
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Longtime TT and WD user chiming in here, you have way too much TT for the PP. Way too much.

Do with that what you will. Here's to good decision making. 馃嵒
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A few things to consider with your situation. While the Passport is rated to pull 5K, people who regularly tow try to keep the total weight to 80% of the rated tow weight, 85% at the max. That would put the ideal max tow weight at 4000-4250 lbs. 4K would be the best.
All true and essentially all the OP needs to know outside of the wheelbase of the PP is also not sufficient for a '23 TT that is more than likely '26+ bumper to hitch.

I hope they heed the nay feedback they're receiving here. They asked and are receiving facts.
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