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Weather and Sports Notifications?

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I was driving home yesterday and while waiting for some lights to turn green, I came upon a weather app that would let me set my system to (in my case) Los Angeles. I also happened upon an app that would allow me to enter favorite sports teams and receive updates while a game was going on. Today I had some time and so I went out there to enter my city and sports team choices but for the life of me, I can't find the app so that I can enter my location and team choices.

Has anyone here done this and can you tell me how you got to that screen? ?
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That sounds cool if you can find it again!
I did a search in the manual and did not see anything?
Yeah, I also searched the manual but had no luck and that's why I thought I'd ask here.
I also set this up. Fairly certain it is buried inside of the SiriusXM settings/preferences as it uses those stations.
Thanks, that may have been where I saw it while I was waiting at red lights. I'll have to take a look and see if that's where I found it the first time.
Check in navigation settings; the three dots on the upper right of the screen. Press there and another menu appears.
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