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Washer fluid raining in the PP Through the dome light in the back!!

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So tonight I used the washer fluid on the rear window and I noticed that washer fluid was raining inside the vehicle in the cargo area. It was coming through the dome light on the ceiling that’s right by the back door. Anyone else have this issue? I guess I’ll be taking it to the dealer to have them look at that.
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Just tested it and I do not. Hope the dealer can help you out.
Went to dealer this weekend and the hose was crimped, so they rerouted the hose and the light needed a new bulb. So simple fix! :)
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I just bought my Passport on 08/21/19 and used the washer fluid on the rear window for the first time on 08/23/19. Everything seemed to work fine when I used the washer fluid, and I went about my business. Later in the evening, when my wife came home from her run, she informed me that my car was making a weird sound. When I checked the car, the noise was coming from the washer fluid motor that had emptied the reservoir and would not turn off unless the car was on. I took it back to the dealership the next day (08/24/19) to have it checked, and it appears that the motor burned out in the process. They replaced the motor with one of the other Passports on the lot, and I was on my way within 2 hours.
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