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Warning Beep Volume & Random Beeps

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Does anyone else wish the warning beeps, particularly the blind spot warning, increased in volume with the stereo. Even with my radio at a moderate level, I can barely hear those beeps.

I did go to the "meter" section of the options and change the warning beeps to the loudest setting. It's still not nearly loud enough. It should move in volume with the stereo...or dim the stereo volume so the warning beeps are clearly audible.

Speaking of warning beeps - i keep noticing single beeps while driving. I cannot figure out what they mean. they happen with no cars near me.....going at any speed. Just a single beep and I can't figure out what the car is trying to tell me.

Any ideas?
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I agree. I have really good hearing and the beeps seem way too low. "High" setting is not very loud.
Reviving this post. Is there an official way to make a suggestion to Honda about warning beeps being inaudible with the radio being on even at a moderate volume. There should be options to either

1. Mute/dim the stereo when warnings play. Similar to how GPS apps do that when you’re listening to something and it cuts in to give you directions.

2. Raising the volume on the stereo could also raise the volume of the beeps.

Seems like this wouldn’t be a terribly difficult thing to provide in an update.
What its "supposed to do", is duck. I have noticed that CarPlay also has a problem with ducking on occasion. Ducking is where some other source "ducks" out of the way, eg music volume is lowered, so you can hear something more important like the phone ringing or an alert from the car.

On my passport this only seems to work sometimes. But for beeps not connected to CarPlay since they are distinct systems the fact that it doesnt duck is not too much of a surprise.

Dont even get me started on the dash display brightness controls with CarPlay..... ugh
Since it’s all running on Honda hardware, it should still be able to either duck/dim/attenuate or just mute altogether.
Since it’s all running on Honda hardware, it should still be able to either duck/dim/attenuate or just mute altogether.
Carplay and Android Auto are virtualized and dont have much connection to vehicle electronics besides mic and speakers. Im not sure about the "generic infotainment" portion but it looks very similar to systems I have seen in Audis which makes me think its fairly generic in the industry. Its definitely an integration issue but Id rather have carplay and android auto than not.

It was a nice surprise they added it to the sport trim when I went to buy the 2021.
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