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Want to order Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter!

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I went ahead and ordered the wireless carplay adapter and it should be arriving this week. I will update once it is installed.
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Does anyone has experience with Wireless Carplay Adapter which can convert your Wired Carplay to Wireless! These products lack of review makes me hesitant. If you had one, please kindly share you review about it, I will be appreciated.
I bought the CarLinkit 2.0 on Amazon and it seem to work ok for a bit and then my infotainment got all glitchy. Carplay would completely lock up or flicker and my XM station would change. I haven’t had any issues since I stopped using it but the problems did seem to start after the iOS 15 update so maybe, the device needs to be updated as well. I also realized that, as nice as it was to be wireless, I can live without it for now.
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Thanks for your info. Maybe the device needs to update to fix the problem. I also want to buy one because I get nut by the cable CarPlay. Could you mind tell me how much did you spend?
I paid 120 usd. Not sure if its the device or iOS 15 but Carplay using usb has froze up on me a few time. Android auto appear to work without incident.
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