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Vehicle Customization from the Settings menu - help

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20 Elite, go to the settings menu, all I show are "Arrange Apps" and "Show Tachometer". Manual shows "Vehicle Customization" and "Meter Setup".... Why don't I show these other two settings?
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Are your referring to the Owner's Manual, pages 117-128??

Honda's manual misleads you to think you can access that information via the steering wheel controls, and the gauge cluster.
You can access most of that customization . . . via the infotainment center . . . but only when engine is on (& vehicle parked, presumably).

  • - Start Vehicle
  • - Using Infotainment Center -> Settings -> Vehicle
  • - You will find most of that 'customization' there.
P-A-N-D-A - Thanks much, found it and got my updates completed!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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