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VCM Tuner Cutoff Switch

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I have been using the VCM Tuner II since January and have no complaints whatsoever with it's performance. But, I have been wanting at certain times (long road trips) when I'd like to have it deactivated and back to normal VCM ability for higher gas mileage. Running the included ground wire to ground will negate it's operation. So I decided to have a switch on the dash where I could turn the ground on or off. In a separate post (Firewall Access) I asked if anyone knew of an easy way to breech the firewall and Dude CS posted the instructions to the lighted running boards. I planned on going that route when I noticed an even easier way. Upon removing the kick plate the hood release cable gave the perfect route for the 18 gauge ground wire. Whats good about this is it keeps the wire out of the weather and makes for a clean and neat installation. I used insulated spade lugs plus a mount for the module so all could be easily removed before taking the vehicle in for service at the dealership so the need arise.


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Looks great- nice work. Is there a way to tell if it's on or off?
Switch button out = VCM on
Switch button in = VCM off
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