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Sorry to bring up an old thread but I'm anal about my vehicles and tend to keep them a long time. I've used rubberized undercoating on quite a few cars and never had the issue shown in post #2. Maybe I've just been lucky.
anyway, I noticed that there is a huge amount of bare metal on the underside of the Passport. Apparently it's not an issue so I will probably leave it as is. But there is a lot of bare metal exposed in the front wheel wells and I would think it would be susceptible to chips from gravel and other road debris, especially if used off road at all. Has anyone here applied anything to this area?
As a side note, I had an Audi S4 many years ago. At that time they had a 12 year unlimited mile corrosion warranty. They used galvanized steel for all body panels and even used hot dipped galvanizing on the areas that weren't visible like the undercarriage and lower structure. In addition to that the entire undercarriage was coated in a thick tough urethane. Maybe they don't go to those extremes anymore as it was unnecessary.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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