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Traxda 2” Lift - Front+Rear

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My second disassembly of the Passport rear suspension and managed to get the Traxda 2” spacer kit installed. I’ll be tackling the front install (hopefully) this weekend. I don’t want to drive with this amount of rake unnecessarily.

It was a bit of a pain getting the LCA mounted back up to the subframe but some patient prying paid off in the end. Happy to answer any questions about the install.
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I’m so sorry and feel for you and I’m sorry, as I considered attempting it myself, but ultimately paid someone at a shop, and the tech told me the front was a real #[email protected]$#! and he had issues with it despite a lift and all their fancy tools.
Looks fantastic and good info. This may be a naive Southerner view, but I’m curious as to how they have the lift and all that equipment outdoors. Does it never rain there? :)
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@Moviepass wow, that's like desert dry crazy. 😬
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