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Transmission Question

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I'm not sure if I'm not understanding the drive of this vehicle or if there is something unusual going on so I thought I'd ask the question here. It seems like everyone here knows way more than I do about this car...
I feel like the transmission is very jerky. I notice it most when I'm coasting. The tach will bounce quickly when it happens and I feel the car lunge a bit. It doesn't happen every drive and I can't figure out what type of driving causes it. I also find the sharp jerk in the 35 mph range. Is this normal? is there something I can do to smooth out my driving experience? The lunging can actually make me nauseous. I've had it to the dealer with videos of the tach - it tests normal and they say they can not reproduce. Thank you for any advice you can provide.
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That is an enormous relief and extremely encouraging! Thanks you! Has anyone noticed a difference using premium gas?
I know EXACTLY what you're experiencing, and yes, the smooth shifting in the 20-40mph range should get better over time. However, coasting or applying light brakes approaching a stop around 40/45mph is absolutely HORRIBLE!! I feel the brakes get squishy when the trans is downshifting (lasts well over 1 second, thanks dog clutch) and then they stiffen and almost make it feel like I'm hammering the brakes to the floor. I have learned to feather the brake pedal during these occurrences, making it less drastic, and even apply the brakes later and stronger than I usually would to "curb" the surging. I have tried everything, paddle shifting, S mode, and Eco mode to no avail. Dealer says everything is "functioning within Honda specs" - I've had it in multiple shops, multiple times. Seems like we have to adapt to the transmission, as opposed to the transmission adapting to our driving. This has had me back in the market for a different vehicle for the past 6 months, major bummer since I love EVERYTHING else about the PP. I just can't seem to get over this driving flaw.

2020 Elite with 19k miles.
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That's a great idea, I will try that next time I'm up near the dealer. Thanks for the suggestion!
I have noticed the same thing on my new, 2021, elite with 2,000 miles. Trying to coast to a stop around 35-45 mph, engine doesn’t downshift, lunges forward for a while, while the braking is squishy and then comes to a hard stop. Doesn’t happen all the time but a bit disturbing when it does.
Same behavior as I was explaining earlier. Let me know if you get anywhere with the dealership or Honda.
All auto trany's feel different from each other. Just drive it and enjoy. If it fails, you're under warranty:)
Thanks for the feedback, your outlook and approach to the thread was extremely helpful.
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