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Trailer Hitches

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I've got a 2019 Passport that I'm getting a towing package installed next week. Hitch/wiring harness and transmission after cooler. I'm getting a RPod R195 soon and am having the dealer install a weight distributing/anti-sway hitch. I've read somewhere recently that you may not need that with the current suspension on the Passport as the chassis already helps with weight distribution. Does anyone have any information related to this?
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Hi, The Manual says that the PP is designed to tow w/o the need for a load distributing hitch. But it also says if you want to use one to consult your trailer dealer. I have a 2019 PP with OEM hitch and tranny cooler. I put a deposit down on a R-Pod 189 last week,. But an MRI the next day showed some back issues and I am seeing the orthopedic surgeon Monday. So I got my deposit back. I did not want to have a brand new trailer and not be able to take off if I have to undergo any procedures and then rehab, which I have had to in the past. That being said, I discussed the issue of of a weight distributing hitch with the RV dealer and they said, w/o really pushing, they thought is would be a good idea to install one. But they also said I could try it w/o one and have one installed later if I chose to. I decided I was going to go ahead and have one installed. Considering the trailer was $25k and the PP is $40k I felt it was worth the extra $ to be on the safe side. They recommended the Curt load distributing/anti-sway setup. It allows you to back up w/o disconnecting the setup. They also recommend the Prodigy brake controller. Both of these are available on Amazon for much less then the RV dealer. They said I could buy both and they would install at a nominal fee. From what I understand though, the controller is an EZ install. You just have to adjust it to your setup.
Please let us know what you decide and how the R-Pod tows with the setup you choose. The 195 is quite a bit heavier that the 189 I was going to get so it will be helpful to know how it all works out for you. I hope you enjoy your trailer. We will get ours in the Fall for sure.
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