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trailer hitch

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well got my Drawtite trailer hitch from etrailer Friday so Saturday was "work on the car day". The hitch is well made but pretty unwieldy for 1 person to install so after I figured out and made a jig to support it on the floor jack it went up in place, lined right up and... as seems to be always the case with me something always goes wrong. Well 1 of the weld nuts {the last one, of course) was not centered over the hole so I couldn't get the bolt started. After the usual cursing and complaining I was able to use a step bit to open it up to start the bolt. Fit was perfect. 1 thing I should have done was chase the holes and run all the bolts all the up first...I also installed the Curt wire harness and that went well. I did not have to remove the side panel as per the instructions. I removed the storage bin and was able to reach up to pull down the plug. There was a body plug there below the bin so I used that one rather than the one more to the middle put some split loom and tywraps and all is tucked up and out of the way. I just need to get/make a bracket to clip the 4 prong plug into.
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