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Installing the wiring was not hard. I had it done in about 1.5 hours. I went slow to make sure I didn't break any clips. The instructions are detailed. The connectors only go together one way, you'll know if you are trying to do something wrong.

You'll remove quite a few interior trim pieces to get to the installation location. That was the slow part. You'll get to see where the jack is located (in front of the spare). It all goes back together easier than coming out.

The insulation inside the rear panel is black foam (step 14), I was expecting yellow or white fluffy insulation. Make note (or take a pic) of how it's positioned before you pull it out so you get it back into the same position later. Go slow as it wraps around and under some bits.

There's a grommet to seal the hole where the wiring runs to the outside. Push it through the hole from the underneath and then gently pull it back and twist to get it seated properly. You may need to turn the harness a bit to get it oriented properly for attaching to the hitch.

There's a pigtail included for connecting your own wiring for electric trailer brakes if you need it.

I thought I was missing the alcohol wipes. Found them with the shipping invoice when I was breaking down the box afterwards. It's in a plastic pocket on the outside of the box (College Hills Honda).

I have a 7-way blade to 4-way flat adapter with an LED test light. I need it for my motorcycle trailer that has a 4-way connector. It worked perfect for testing the wiring. Test the wiring before you put all the interior back together.

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