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Towing a broken down Passport

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Came across this by accident and this is from the UK but I can see this being available on all tow trucks here in the near future. Back in my drag racing days we used something very similar to flat tow our race cars to the track. The ones we used were make by Lakewood which doesn’t manufacture them anymore.
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You would think that Tow Companies would have enough experience, to anticipate what various cars need, when they're towed. Their sole mission is to get the car attached and to its destination, even if it means ripping the bumper cover off, breaking the mirror, or dragging all 4 wheels. They don't care.
You just described what happens to a vehicle that is towed by a municipal worker in New York City. The department of traffic has a fleet of tow trucks to remove illegally parked cars. You won’t want your vehicle back after they tow it.
Agreed! I remember years ago when Channel 7 showed footage of one of those DOT tow trucks towing a car from the rear. The front wheels on the car were turned so it's was going down the street (at speed) diagonally. Also... They were so gungho on towing (and revenue), that the city actually purchased some of the massive tow trucks so that they could tow away buses and large trucks. This was back when those DOT vehicles and their uniforms were that awful brown. We used to call them brownies which they hated, lol
A company I worked for in the early 80’s had the contact to repair the lights in the building the used as a impound for the towed vehicles( it was the old United States Cruise line pier)You wouldn’t believe what we saw. One day they towed a FBI vehicle from in front of the FBI building. A big argument broke out between the people in charge of the impound and the two FBI agents. It was like a Mexican standoff between DOT security and the FBI. Another day they towed in a post office truck. Every vehicle the touched was damaged one way or the other. And many vehicles were broken into while they had them. Oh and the people that had their vehicles wrecked waited years for compensation by the city.
Yes, I can remember that time when they were under fire for their insane towing practices. I think I also recall a call where they ticked unmarked NYPD vehicles. Made sense as they were under the DOT inthose days unlike today where they're under the NYPD. Do you remember that people used to beat the crap out some of their agents too?
Yup. That’s because of ticket quotas that are real but the powers that be deny. Now with the scanner and printer they get away a lot quicker. Every now a then one will get their ass kicked.
Probably one of the most hated professions there is.
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