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Is anybody else struck by how bad/nonexistent the marketing has been for this car? I’ve dealt with multiple dealers who don’t want to come down off of a price that’s grossly marked up from the MSRP. Even the ones that have it listed at MSRP end up trying to do that dealer thing where they add a lot of extras on at the last minute and hope you won’t get up and leave. According to their online inventory and what I’ve anecdotally seen driving by, none of these multiple dealers have sold a single Passport . Is there a longer-term strategy here that I am not fully grasping? Is there a reason that Honda would want these dealers to just sit on these vehicles?[/QUOT

They are only making 45k of them this year. It's just a test balloon to see if they sell without much of a push...and if people are crazy enough to pay more for the Passport then the Pilot they will continue making them. But I don't think they have visions of selling a ton of these vehicles. Make a few, sell them high.

I doubt the Passport will be around more than a few years. That is , unless they make significant changes to it.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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