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Toolkit missing

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I have a 2019 Honda Passport Elite with about 3500 miles on it. I recently got a flat on the driver side front from bumping a curb. AAA came and replaced the tire with the spare. Took it to a Honda dealer in Clearwater, FL and they put on a brand new tyre on the car. When I got home the spare was missing so had to return to the Service Dept. to get my spare back. The second time I had a flat on the front tyre, I took it to the same place and they again said I needed a brand new tire (slow leak in sidewall). This has now cost me almost $600 for two tyres. Yesterday I was looking for the toolkit that is usually with the spare tyre and it is missing. Where can I buy a wrench and bar to remove the bolts on the wheel? (I have the nuts.) And, can anyone tell me what exactly do I need for tools in the back. The two tyres that I have had to replace are just unlucky accidents but I know I need some tools in the back if I were stuck on a road somewhere with another flat tyre.
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