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Tire choice. winter.

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I installed black 18” Ridgeline wheels and snow tires on my 2020 Passport this past winter. I’m thinking of removing the snows from those rims and installing one of the following on the rims for summer use: size 245/60-18. Continental Contact A/T, Continental Contact H/T, or
Michelin Defender LTX. The A/T tread is 8.6”W, the H/T is 7.9”W, and the LTX IS 7.8”W. I know there can be variance in tire dimensions between brands but I’m surprised that the Continental A/T is that much wider than the other two. I’ve had many sets of the Michelin over the years and think they’re a great tire, no complaints. However the other two get excellent reviews and appear to be a bit more aggressive appearing which to me is fine. One option for me would be to go to the Michelin in a 265/60-18 which is 8.3” wide but 30.5” tall(1” taller than stock or spec). I know rubbing has been talked to death on this forum but it would be nice to know if anyone has installed 265/60-18 Michelin LTX on their Passport. Yes, I will be looking for another set of rims for the snows as well. Thanks all for your thoughts and input.
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