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Brand new 2021 passport ...odometer as of today is 700 , there’s been an intermittent sound coming from what seems like the center console or gearshift. I didn’t happen the first week of owner ship but I noticed it two days ago when it was raining ...then didn’t notice it again till today (rain again ) it only happens when I’m coming to a stop , usually between 25-5 mph , you’ll here 3 ticks ....then I stop. When the light turns green or when I leave the stop sign you “tick tick tick “ usually 3 but sometimes up to 5 ...very annoying you can hear it with the radio on , and today I felt it in my seat so I figured maybe adjusting the seat would help it’s even louder and seems to be coming from the push button shifter. Does it when radio is on or off and does it when the ac is on and off .... brining in tomorrow to see if they can find it but my luck is it won’t be wet so it won’t be able to be replicated. Any ideas what it could be ?
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