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Thinking ahead -- future torn CV boot repair

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I had a 1985 and 1986 Honda Accord both which I owned for years. During my ownership I recall having to have the CV boots replaced several times because they were torn (normal wear, not because I hit something). Since that time I have owned a Toyota van, Toyota Camry, Volvo 850 and my son has a 2008 Accord. Never a CV boot issue on any of those vehicles.

With the purchase of a PP Elite (I assume CV boots front and rear with AWD) the thought of having to replace the CV boots multiple times over the years of ownership because they crack has crossed my mind. I did a search, and of course there are lots of discussions on the topic. Seems if you have time to burn, "dress" your CV boots otherwise let them crack or perhaps you will be lucky and they will last a very long time.

What do you think?
What has been your experience with previous Honda's that you owned or other vehicles?
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Had a 85 Prelude for 10 years and 142k miles and recall replacing them at least once, maybe twice...
Still own our 2008 CR-V AWD, now at 180,000 miles, still operating with factory installed CV axles and original boots.
Dunno if I am lucky, or my regular maintenance routines, but so (very) far, so good (y)
Hoping for similar durability on the Passport.
Just replaced my 2010 CR-V with a 2020 Passport. Never had an issue with CV boot, my CR-V was Honda serviced it's whole life.
I’ve replaced CV boots in all my Honda’s about 2x’s. Most of them resides in Phoenix or Vegas where it is very hot or cold and dry, which I was always told can contribute to the issue.

On a side note, also replaced motor mounts once on my CRV, for the same reasons.
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