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Things I hope they fix with the next Passport

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After driving the Passport for a couple weeks I thought I would post a few things that drive me crazy with the Passport. Would love to hear what others think of there issues as well!

  • Shifter settings (D, R, P, terrain) should be illuminated for night time.
  • Passenger seat should have ability to go down for taller passengers
  • Side Mirrors should automatically fold in when you lock the vehicle.
  • LED lights should be standard on all exterior light for elite model
  • Emergency Brake should be a button setting not like the old foot brake style. Many other Honda’s already have this feature so I’m not sure why it’s not on there.

Again, I love driving my Passport just a few things to throw out there and see what others think and to give feedback to Honda if anyone looks at this forum.
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My wish list:
  • Height adjustment on lift gate
  • Pilot Elite wheels (same wheel we have, but with a black and machined finish)
  • Android Auto and apple car play on the sport.
  • Customizable dash display, similar to Accord or Telluride. (Digital speedometer)
  • Forward collision warning with a strobe that reflects on the windshield (like 17 Accord, to keep eyes forward)
  • 360 cameras and event recording capability (new Hyundai feature for 2020)
  • Heads up display.
  • Honda Factory Performance edition to compere with TRD.
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My big ones are:

360° Camera
Heads Up Display
Better Garmin GPS- Needs more features like their $200 stand alone versions

360 degree camera and ventilated seats that aren't loud and generally suck.
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I think the seats are too short and wide. Sometimes I feel like I slide around a bit. My old ridgeline seats were perfect dimensions.
A compass should be included without having to get the full navigation system. Can’t believe it’s not there!
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