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I think I found a new favorite wheel, a Black Rhino Arches, 18 x 8 in Gun Metal Gray (to go with my AWD Touring Metallic Gray PP), Offset is 30mm, so they will protrude a bit (less than a inch), they have a 2,000 load rating (not sure what the OEM load rating is, anyone know?), a bit pricey at $345 List price, but I should be able to get a set for around $1,200(?) I plan to pair them with some All Terrain tires (Nittos, or Continental A/T's), still a few months away from pulling the trigger..

Here is the Link, at the bottom of the linked page they show the wheels (with A/T tires) on a Honda Element and it looks REAL cool):

Arches Truck Rims by Black Rhino

If you want to share your thoughts on these wheels or post any others that you are considering or even already bought, please feel free to post them here...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts