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2019 Passport Elite, Modern Steel (4/2019)
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Picked up my Passport earlier today. Here is one pic in the driveway; I'll take a few more when the conditions are better.

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The Lunar Silver looks really good with the snowy background! ❄
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Did you ordered the pre-cut kit to do it yourself or someone did that for you?? Is it hard or how much is it??
We had it professionally installed. The XPEL computer pattern was used on the bumper, grille, headlights, and mirrors. It was custom cut for the hood and fenders so it could be wrapped. Pricing will vary depending on if you want a full kit, full custom, or a combo, and also depends on where you live. My suggestion would be to visit a few shops and look at the work they are doing and speak with them. Also if you have your Passport with you when you stop in, have them show you on their computer what the kit looks like, and also have them show you where on your passport it will lay down and if/where you can expect to see seams or edges.
21 - 40 of 105 Posts