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Taking Passport overseas-yes or no?

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I will be working in Italy for three years but just bought my PP in January. I love the space and engine but fearful of the narrow roads and even smaller parking places. Should I sell it and get a car over there? I know I will take a financial hit trying to sell it, especially with all the deals out there right now. And I won't be able to maintain my vehicle maintenance like we can here, much less find someone who can work on it (if necessary). Any thoughts?
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A few things to keep in mind regarding expenses. Italy has the highest fuel cost and taxes in Europe. Registration and taxes are based on engine CC size. Also, emissions rating is factored in as well, as well as other factors.

I have a nephew that lives in the Netherlands and the emissions rating can restrict where you can drive your car. I believe the emissions ratings in Europe go from A to E. In some towns, you’ll come across signs that limit which emissions ratings are allowed. If your vehicle exceeds the maximum rating, you’ll need to park and either rent a smaller car or a bike to ride around town.

Just some things to research before deciding.
Shipping the car at no cost to me as employer is paying for the move, car included. Everything is smaller over there and I'm not the best at parking ;). Thanks for your input.
@Lads14 is your move due to a military relocation/transfer?
To those who asked, my move is as a DoD employee being moved to Italy by the government to include my car. I will have access to all base areas and APO shipping (which is like mailing from NY to FL-no issues there).
In that case, I would say take it with you. Although, I’ve never been to Italy, so not familiar with the roads and parking situation. You’re in a unique situation to bring your PP on the government’s dime, and enjoy it during your stay.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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