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System Update & Visual Flight Rules

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This morning the plan was to just bend a flyrod for a few hours. On the way to one of the area mountain streams I heard a beep from the infotainment screen. There was something different, a new icon. Oh well, a well placed fingertip on the touch screen brought up a message stating a system update was available. Why not, lets see what happens.

A few miles down the road the update was on step #6 and after that, who knows? Garmin at this point was not able to find its way once again out of a plain brown paper bag. The Honda Passport Elite was now flying at an altitude of 10,980 feet above sea level somewhere over the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains. Ground level in these parts is about 4300 feet above sea level and that puts the Elite flying about 6000 feet above ground and the oxygen mask did not drop from the over head compartment.

An emergency was declared and I made a quick decent to the landing field at Cloud 9. With a total failure of instruments a switch to VFR was made and a successful approach and landing was made on Cloud 9. Upon exit of this strange craft a walkaround was preformed, no wings?? Fred MacMurry must of given the formula of Flubber to AHM. No doubt the FAA will question my lack of filling a flight plan, then will the FAA believe this achievement.

Just the same, while at the landing field of Cloud 9 my landing net was useful for the brown trout and white fish.

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Passport N2019, Make right traffic and enter downwind for runway Cloud 9. Unicom is 122.8 MHz. Over.
So you were able to complete the update while driving? My system jumped to step 6 and informed me it would take 20 minutes and would start after I exited vehicle. Does anyone know what the system stated between steps 2-6? Also what did the update fix? I hope I have landing gear...
Grins for N2019?. The Garmin in the Honda Passport Elite gets lost at least once a week. It must be part of the entertainment system for two year old kids to watch. The system update was a new twist on how to screw up a Garmin GPS. I'm afraid to search/look for other feature malfunctions. At least the Passport was able to switch from Park to Drive. Wings/Flubber not needed for the return trip back to the tie down at home.

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All kidding aside, I'd like some serious advice about the System Update. I received the "beep" and the icon, when pressed gave me the System Update info. I did not do the update yet. Anyone know what the update does and any real problem with applying it?
I got may update notice yesterday for my Touring, with the option to install now or after leaving vehicle. I went for the first while I was driving and it completed in about 10 minutes total time, no problems. I don't know exactly what it did, but the whole info system re-booted twice and everything works again.
I received the same beep and icon to System Update available. I chose to wait until I got into my garage. I was told that it would take 20 minutes and would start after I exited the car. That was about an hour ago. I just went out, started the car ok. Have not driven it. But I will later today. I will test it out and report back if I find any quirks.
I got the beep and the notification, but have not done anything yet...

Thanks for the link! I used my navigation USB thumb drive and checked out that method of a system update. End results, the Passport has the latest & greatest. With that said and my flight over the Cascade Mountains...… update will wait till the Passport is in my driveway or at the Honda Dealership.

My vote is no confidence.

Is it my imagination, or does the HU boot up a lot faster now?
Looking at the release notes seems like it's mostly Sirius XM bug fixes though I did see fixes regarding the off-by-one hour and infotainment popping noises that others have experienced in these forums.
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Finally no more popping noise!
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If you still have the clock off 1 hr problem after the software update then read below from the Pilot forum:

TSB 19-096 for the dealer tech says to pull fuse A29 for 10 minutes after the new software is installed. See page 5. You will loose all of your settings. Also says if the fuse is not pulled, customers will still experience the same problem.

Baffles me why they sent this update over the air, knowing that there is one more step the customer does not know of.

UPDATE: Verified, that fixed the problem on the Pilot.


I might be the first to report a problem after doing the upgrade:

My CD Icon has disappeared, yep, it's gone and when I eject and load a CD, it does not play.

Meaning my CD software may also be gone. I will contact my Dealer tomorrow and already opened a case on the Honda website, so we'll see how long it takes for me to be able to play CDs again...

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