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System update notification in HondaLink?

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Today in HondaLink two system update notification messages showed up. First at 1:17 am came 19353.6 then at 1:41 am came 19371.6. Does anyone know what these are? The second appears to be an update to the first! And are these notifications saying the updates have already occurred or are they telling me I need to do them?
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I agree with your questions. I went into my car to make the updates and it says it is up to date. I think they were auto installed with the car off, but not sure. I have not gotten back to check the system version to see if it shows these updates, but it is confusing.
If I had a knock against Honda or the Passport it is on their documentation and implementation of their electronics. My wife just bought a Volvo and their electronics are amazing plus the documentation is fully detailed. What you can do with and to your car from your phone is remarkable. Then you look at the Passport and you can't program it to have the door mirrors fold back when the car shuts off. Wow ... Now don't get me wrong, the passport is a very good car but the end of year clearance at Volvo brought the XC60 into the same price range.
Not sure about the XC60 maintenance as we have only had the car for about 1000 miles. I am sure it is going to be more than the Honda Dealer. I did not sell the Passport to get the XC 60 as they are intended for two different purposes in our household. The Passport has much greater cargo room with the seats down and will one day have a tow hitch. The XC 60 is my wife's luxury car and going to be for other adventures. I just posted about it because the overall electronics package and documentation are far superior and in a similar price point when you take the end of year clearance deal from Volvo. (and I am comparing the Elite with the advanced package)
Being in IT, I have attended many conferences and seminars over the years. One from the late 1990s or early 2000s had a presentation from a vendor about your company's web presence. During this event (which could have been a few years after my guessing) they cited an example that Mercedes also had an app for their car. The first couple of years it was out it was terrible. So much so that after surveying the owners of autos with that app, it came back resoundingly that people associated the quality of the car and company with the quality of the app. That resulted in the lowest repeat customer count Mercedes had for the next few years. I hope Honda wakes up soon. They haven't lost me because of these facts, but it could cause the Passport to go the way of the previous version just because of perception.
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