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Sunroof Auto Reverses Before Fully Closed

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Just noticed a problem with my ‘19 EX-L‘s sunroof. Opens fine, whether pop up to vent or slide back to fully open. When in the vent position it also closes with no problem. The issue is when closing if from a slid back position. When I slide it forward to close, either manually holding the switch to the close position or auto close it reverses direction before it reaches the fully closed position.

Seems to be related to the flip up deflector at the front of the sunroof opening - as soon as the front edge of the sunroof reaches the deflector ”ramps” it appears to sense it as an obstruction and reverses and fully re-opens. I’ve only found two ways to close it fully:

1. Press and hold the close button and before it reaches the deflector let go of the button and give it brief taps to slide it a little bit at a time. This will get it past the reversing point and eventually allow it to close.
2. Press the switch to the auto close position and quickly jump out of the car and manually push down the deflector, the sunroof will continue on its path and close fully.

The deflector and tracks are free of obstructions and the small springs and plastic lead up ramps have a fair amount of white grease. Something in the mechanism is sensing the deflector as an obstruction but noting about the deflector feels or looks any different now compared to when the sunroof was working ok.

Anyone else had this happen? I know the answer is to take it in but curious whether it’s a motor issue or just a slap-some-grease-on-it issue.

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Hi Hubb, I found similar instructions late yesterday on a Civic site. Tried them and it looks like my sunroof is back to normal. Not sure which of the steps actually fixed it but will say method 4 was almost impossible to complete due to the push button start and retained power.

Regardless, looks to be working now - thanks for the help.
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