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strange beeps

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Morning all. 2020 EXL and recently most times I open the door to get in about 30 seconds after, I get 2 quick beeps that I never had before. I also now have to physically turn the radio off 1/3 the time as it no longer shuts off by itself when I open the door. I wait to check that the interior and headlights shut down to see if it's maybe a door handle issue but everything else seems to work. I have had issues, like many, with the loose of connectivity between the steering controls and audio and also total loose of audio. It has been to the dealer for those issues but they won't do anything unless they see it even though it's a known problem.(the local dealer gets upset if you didn't purchase the vehicle there and demands they actually see the issue they won't even accept a video) So has anyone else had any issues with the radio not shutting down when they open the door? Thanks.
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I am getting the beeps before I even start the car. One thing that I noticed this morning after I posted was the driver side mirror defrost is not working yet the pass side is fine so now I’m thinking there may be a wire harness issue.
Check your battery and it's connections, many times random electrical problems can be caused by a old battery on its way out.
battery is optima red top only a few months old but will take apart and clean everything. Thanks
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