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Steering assist feature

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Hi all,
What are your thoughts on this feature. Why would you need steering assist and who uses this with hands off the wheel for a great distance.
Seems risky.
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It's not a hands off feature. Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) and Road Departure Mitigation (RDM) are designed to assist the driver when they are not paying sufficient attention to their driving.

Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)
Using a forward-facing camera mounted above the inside rear view mirror, the Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) works proactively to keep the vehicle centered in a detected lane.
If the LKAS system has been engaged and you start to drift away from the middle of the lane, it will gently apply steering torque and help guide the car back to the center of the lane.
The system will not steer the car indefinitely. If it senses no steering input from the driver for a certain period of time, the system presents a message instructing the driver to begin steering again.

Road Departure Mitigation (RDM)
The Road Departure Mitigation system uses a camera to identify lane markers such as painted lane lines, Botts Dots and cat eye markers.
When the system detects the vehicle is about to leave the road or lane marked by solid lines, it warns the driver with visual and audible warnings; on some models, it will also tug the front seat belt.
If the driver fails to take action and the system determines the vehicle had crossed outside of the marked lane, it can apply moderate torque to the steering in an attempt to guide the vehicle back into its detected lane. If it determines that steering assistance will not suffice, it will apply braking to help keep the vehicle from leaving the roadway altogether.

Both good features considering the number of people these days who are paying to much attention to other things like their phones, etc.

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Well said HarveyW 👏
Thanks for the clarification.
I use the full system on long highway trips - automatic cruise, lane keep and lane departure. I have two kids under 6 and they drop things and ask for things all the time. It’s comforting knowing I have a second set of safety systems in the event I’m distracted for a few seconds.
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Keep her between the lines, because a DUI is expensive.... did I say that out loud?
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The problem I have with the LKAS is with the roads. A lot of the rural roads I drive on have lines of tar filling in cracks right where the wheels go. The LKAS and the RDM both recognize these lines of tar as center or road edge lines and is constantly wiggling the wheel and telling me that I am departing the road.
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