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Speaker Upgrades?

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Anyone know how we can find out the specifications for the Passport Touring/Elite Stereo systems?

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Thanks, I looked there before posting here, they don't have any speaker replacements
Try looking again, the Passport may have been too new at the time of your search. They have some now.
In an old post, someone took the door panel off and looked at the speakers. It was reported they were the cheapest speakers he'd ever seen.
Thanks, I looked there before posting here, they don't have any speaker replacements
Probably the same as the 18 Pilot.
Just checked Crutchfield - NO replacement speakers for the Passport

In an old post, someone took the door panel off and looked at the speakers. It was reported they were the cheapest speakers he'd ever seen.
Many manufacturers install cheap speakers. I'm surprised though since I think the stock system system sounds pretty good. Mine is the Touring model with the upgraded audio system. I wonder which model had these cheap speakers?
I swapped out the stock subwoofer for a 8”Skar Audio, huge difference. I didn’t bolt the plastic sub box
back down to the frame and it help out with a lot of the annoying vibrations.
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I see a number 8” speakers. Which one did you use?
The subwoofer in the back by the spare tire. The speaker on the left is the factory 8” subwoofer that I replaced.
Let me ask it this way. What model of the 8” Skar speaker did you use. Amazon shows a number of different levels of quality of these speakers.
I noticed Amazon carries this in both a 2 and 4 ohm version. You chose the 2 ohm. I assume that is what the OEM sub speaker was. Correct?
I love the idea, but with 10% of the people claiming it stops working rather quickly, I wonder if there is a better brand alternative? And many of the complaints are real recent...!
I find this report interesting, not sure what the deltas are but my experience was very different. I tried a Pioneer shallow mount and the same Skar mentioned above. Both sounded awful and underpowered to my relatively experienced auto sound ears used to the likes of Kicker, JL Audio, Focal and other really nice subs. The Skar was weaker than stock in deep bass at 60Hz and about the same but sloppy in low mid bass at 120hz. Stock is more balanced in this enclosure from 55Hz to 180Hz. The pioneer was massively heavy and clearly wanted way more power but it buzzed with horrible peak in high mid bass at 200Hz. I would also personally never leave an lightweight enclosure like that unbolted to avoid wasting speaker energy on kinetic loss but instead use rubber grommets, dynamat, and polyfil to lower the enclosures apparent resonant frequency and reduce vibration. From my testing and my tastes, it is hard to beat the efficiency of the stock woofer tuned to that enclosure. Better to add a larger sub and amp or do nothing in my opinion. Also noted that with door speakers replaced and fader balance 3 clicks back and sub volume all the way up, plus polyfil, the stock is actually quite inpressive for its size when fed a bit more volume.
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Good info there, the music I listen too, actually sounds fine with the Stock Sub, I had it boosted about two clicks along with the Bass and together they pounded rather nicely. Today I set everything to Flat (except the Center Channel - which is 3 or 4 clicks "minus" as I don't want to hear a "blended channel". I did this to sort of re-calibrate my ears to what the stereo sounds like with the Bass, Treble, Midrange and Sub all set to their middle settings. I do plan to readjust everything but may wait until Jan 3rd, when my Stereo shop dials my Crossovers down to -3db...

Holiday Cheers..
Hello music fans and happy new year! Well, as stated in my previous post from 18 days ago, I visited my Car Stereo Shop yesterday and had them set my Crossovers to -3db.

UPDATE: With the combination of the Tweeters being "dialed-down" and the speakers well into their "break-in" period, I have to say that I am super happy with my speaker upgrade, would do it again in a second and highly recommend these Focal speakers or any other speaker upgrade over the stock speakers for Audiophiles!

As for my settings;
Center Channel: All the way towards "OFF" - I want to hear the left & right stereo channels - NOT a blended channel.
Sub Woofer: +1 Click
Bass: +1 Click
Midrange: +1 Click
Treble: Flat (Center)
Fader: +2 Clicks towards the Rear
Left/Right: Center
DSP: Off

The stock speakers sound really good for most people and if you only listen to news, sports and weather, they do a wonderful job and I see no reason to upgrade the speakers.

Cheers and feel free to ask anything questions...
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