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Speaker / Stereo Upgrade and New Popping Sound

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Hi everyone,

I've been following StevenD's Elite/Touring Stereo Upgrade Thread since months before I bought my Passport. I figured if I make the plunge to buy this car and the speakers really are terrible, I'll just follow what they did on that thread and be fine. So I bought my 2019 Honda Passport Elite - it immediately had the infotainment issues that everyone else had. I took it to Honda who replaced all the FAKRA connectors and never had another infotainment issue since.

However, the speakers are not the greatest, certainly not something I'd expect from an "Elite Trim" vehicle. So, I decided to replace them with a pair of Focal 165AS's as recommended by StevenD in that thread. I took them to my speaker group who said the replacement was a surprisingly simple job, but when I got the car back there were a few problems after installation; most notable was that there was a hum in the driver side tweeter that was just annoying enough to complain about. I spoke with StevenD about it who said that the crossovers that came with the new speakers should -not- be installed, so I went back to my speaker guys and had them taken out. All in all, the speakers now sound great - I know there is still some break in time with the Focal's before they sound truly awesome, but in general I'm pretty happy with my upgrade.

However, I'm now having a new issue after the crossovers have been removed - a popping sound that is coming from my speakers. It's nothing major, but it pops and cracks just enough to be annoying. What's of note is that I hear it when I use Bluetooth (phone calls and music) and when I'm playing music through Android Auto. I DON'T hear the popping noise when I play the regular FM Stereo - its clear as a bell. Has anyone experienced my issue? Do you think its the speakers, or could it be an infotainment issue? I'm inclined to think it may be the latter since the FM radio seems to be working pop/crack free...

Thank you all very much!
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Did they replace just the Fakra connectors, or did they replace the MOST cables too. The stock MOST cables in mine were pulled way too tight, and cause the occasional pop, and sound degridation. New longer MOST cables and have not an issue since.
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