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Spare tire inside the trunk...

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Is there anyway to relocate my spare tire outside of the passport? I hate that it takes up such a huge part of the interior trunk where the PIlot managed to be 6 inches longer, add a whole row of seats AND still have extra x cubic feet of storage space.

The trunk in the passport is so poorly thought out. My parent's lexus has a grocery/trunk compartment with a divider that stays upright. I wish my passport's rear compartment trunk flap stayed up.
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No simple way to do what you want.

I have a different opinion. I think for the market of this vehicle, a large SUV with decent balance of comfort and off road ability, this was the right arrangement by Honda. The "trunk", or rear cargo area, is thought out fine as far as I am concerned.

Third row seats are ok for basically small kids or infants, and they don't use much volume. For many of us they are annoying and wasteful. An extra six inches across 40 inches is a lot of volume, so no surprise the Pilot has more storage on paper- it is basically a stylized mini van. The Pilot and every SUV like it sits lower to the ground and has poor angles for off-roading.

A Lexus or Pilot are for road cruising. The Passport attempts to strike a balance at being slightly more of an soft off roader with good road comfort. Putting a spare tire on the bottom of the car would reduce clearance and approach angle.

As a possible solution to your issues, besides getting a different vehicle: is pretty trivial to buy dividers and storage solutions. You can also store a donut or even a full size spare on the roof or a hitch carrier if you buy the right components.
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