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Spare for bigger tires?

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Question to those that went bigger tires.
265/60r18, 265/50r20

Do you carry a same size spare?
Can you still use the donut spare?

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1. You can always use the OEM Donut, if you have OEM lug nuts.
1a. To keep track of the 5 OEM lug nuts, (if you're using after market rims which require aftermarket lug nuts), you should put them in a lunch baggie next to the Donut spare.
1b. If the aftermarket lug nuts need a special lug wrench, you should not remove the OEM tire iron/wrench. The OEM lug nuts need the OEM wrench.

2. You must make an effort to reduce the weight that you place on the Donut, by mounting it on the rear only. This means...If your front tires goes flat, you take a good rear tire off and put the Donut on the rear. Then you take that know good full sized tire (which just came off the rear), on the front (where the actual flat is). The weight of the engine, transmission, and driver is now over a full sized tire.

3. The Donut spare is designed to get you to the nearest tire center, not for cross country trips.
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For FWD I don't think it really matters, as you just put the donut on the rear and roll on.
For AWD, the diameter difference needs to be within an acceptable spec to avoid drivetrain friction from spinning at difference speeds creating heat and messing things up. My Subaru published what that was, which I forget now but was like a 1.6" difference max or something, but I have not seen the acceptable size difference from Honda.

I only went up to 30" tires, so the difference between that and OEM 29.6" is very little, so I still carry my donut around town. On road trips however, I like a full-size spare even without larger tires, so I carry mine strapped down in the back like below.

If I just "really" need the extra room, like when we go camping, I'll use a tire carrier, but on the Passport it's very much function over beauty IMO.

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So you think I’m okay with the OEM spare on 255/60/18s until I can figure out the FSS thing?
So you think I’m okay with the OEM spare on 255/60/18s until I can figure out the FSS thing?
I think for very short distances if you go slow the OEM spare would be fine. I wouldn't try to drive 65 mph down the interstate for 100 miles or anything though.
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