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"Soft-Roading" Factory Size Tire Swap

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Since my 2020 EX-L is a lease I'm not willing to do a wheel and tire size change, but I'd like to get some more aggressive stock sized tires. In Maine I need a Extreme Snow rated and I'm looking at the Falken Wild Peak AT Trail and the Toyo Open Country AT3. The Falken looks like it will be less noisy than the Toyo and are a little cheaper also. Both are well rated at Tire Rack. Would love to here from anybody who's used either

Thanks !!

Pete in Maine
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Hi Pete. I’ve been looking at some on/off road tires myself. This comparison on TireRack might be helpful. I checked the Falken, but it’s only available in a 275/55R20 In the 20” size. Too big for the Passport.
Jon I actually goofed with the Falken model, I confused the regular Wild Peak Trail (no other numbers/letters) with the fancier one I listed incorrectly. You're correct about the sizing and the "regular" is actually available in the 245/50R-20 size I need. My bad !!
No problem. That one definitely fits.
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