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So Cal emergency kit

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Whether it’s sandy roads in Borrego or the next ski trip, I figured an emergency kit was in order. Over my driving life I’ve gotten stuck, had a flat, had a dead battery, etc and it’s never fun. Most of the time I just call AAA, but I’ve been in some remote areas where that’s not always an option. So, I decided to include a portable air compressor, tire plug kit, portable battery jumper, shovel, first aid kit, flashlight, and fire extinguisher in the under deck storage. I also have some traction boards I can throw in the back for very specific trips (I saw a minivan stuck in the sand in Borrego a few weeks ago, but I didn’t have anything at the time to offer). Is all this stuff overkill? Probably. But, I like to be prepared and the PP has the perfect place for storage. Stay safe out there!
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Don’t forget the SoCal earthquake, fire, mud slide kit:
Solar powered phone charger
Change of clothes and shoes
First Aid
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Well aren't you the courageous one. You forgot one of the most important necessities.
Oh yeah...that.
I used to just keep a roll in the car, however, I had to use it during the great TP Pandemic of 2020.
Need to restock it.

I was taking a roll on my road trips. I’ve always got kleenex though, 🤣
You’d be shocked with how few places are open to take a bio break over the last year!
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Interesting you mention the bio break. I’ve got reservations in Brian Head next week. I’m not sure where your road trips have taken you, but do you happen to know if rest stops or restrooms are available driving to Brian Head from San Diego? That may just be a deal breaker for the family.
My road trips were last year when it was really locked down, between San Jose and OC twice, and OC to LV twice. Things are opening up now and you usually don’t have to wait in line to go to a grocery store or Home Depot type store. They always have a bathroom, and you’ll find them the whole route. Avoid Walmart at all costs, Target is usually safe too. Most indoor dining is still closed in CA, or supposed to be. For me, it was often easier to pull off the highway and find an abandoned area and go! Oh, and pack some purrell and hand wipes!
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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