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Snow tires, 18" wheels and TMPS sensors

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My wife is one of those "Essential" people working at a local hospital. She is on-call often and needs
a vehicle that can get her to work during a snow storm. With the the new Passport I decided to get
an extra set of wheels and snow tires. I found a great deal on 4 pristine 2019 Ridgeline wheels. They
came with the center caps but no TMPS sensors. The wheels are 18" by 8" wide with an offset of 55.
They have the same 5x120 bolt pattern and can use the Passport lugs. I ordered the sensors from RockAuto.
Got a sweet deal on them as a closeout item. They aren't official Honda sensors but do have the correct
42753-T6N-A02 marking on them. Figured I'd take a chance even though they weren't listed for the 2020
Passport. The price was $11.04 each and they came with the cap, stem valve, seal and nut. For snow
tires I went with Goodyear WinterCommand in size 245x60R18. They have a deep tread and good reviews.
Their overall height is the same as the original 20 tires so the speedometer is still dead-on accurate.

The good news is that the TPMS sensors work and do not need any special tools to program them to the
Passport. Here is the sequence I observed. After removing the original 20" wheels and installing the 18"
Ridgeline wheels I started the Passport up and set the instrument cluster to display the tire pressure. It
showed my normal tire pressure. I started driving and the pressure didn't change. Usually it will go up
a pound or so as the tires warm up. After about 1.5 miles, all four pressures went blank, just a dash
where the numeric pressure was shown. Within another 1/2 mile the pressures started coming back one
at a time every few seconds. As I continued to drive the pressures went up a pound like normal. Success!

I found the close-out TMPS sensors under the 2019 Honda Odyssey Wheels listing. I'm pretty sure any
quality TMPS sensor marked with 42753-T6N-A02 will work with our Passports.

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Sensors need to be activated or awaken upon installation by the tire installer.
These will wake on their own, once the tire starts moving.
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