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Sluggish 2021 Passport Avg. MPG update readings?

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Just got a new 2021 Passport Touring and traded in my 2016 Pilot. I noticed (I had it for 7 years) with my Pilot that the display's Avg MPG updated regularly and, if I consistently drove with the bar well beyond 25 mph, the displayed Avg MPG would gradually tick upwards (even faster with a new tank of gas). In other words, if the avg. MPG was 23 and my 'real time' MPG was, say, 28, the 23 reading would gradually uptick closer to the real time measurement.

I've had the Passport for 2 weeks and I notice that the Passport's Avg MPG display updates much slower and I can be driving well beyond the 25 or 30 MPG real time measurement bar (across the bottom of the display), and the Avg. MPG just wants to stick around 22~23 MPG.. I can't get it beyond 24 MPG. Are others seeing this? Just curious if there was a design change in this measurement or maybe a bug? I drive the new Passport the same as I drove my Pilot and with the same exact cargo. I know the Passport is supposed to be slightly lighter in weight and has the 9 speed transmission whereas my old Pilot had a 6 speed transmission so I would expect the Passport to be slightly more fuel efficient, but apparently not. I do know of the advertised slightly lower MPG than that of the Pilot. Just curious what others are seeing in this regard.

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We noticed an improvement in MPG after 25k miles. 24-25 on the highway is easy now.
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